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Featured piece: 14K White Gold Engagement Ring - 14K White Gold 1 1/4 Ct Diamond Promezza Engagement Set with Round Center

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Featured piece: Tantalum and Black Titanium Comfort-fit Design Wedding Band - The beautiful dragon scale texture is the highlight of this 7mm comfort-fit asymmetrical tantalum and black titanium ring. Our newest concept in contemporary wedding rings is our tantalum wedding bands. Made in the USA, our tantalum wedding bands are hypo-allergenic, impervious to breakage and corrosion, and easy to remove in an emergency. Using proprietary technology to create unique design and construction, our tantalum mens wedding bands are beautiful works of art.

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Featured piece: Eternity Band - 18K White 3/4 CTW Diamond Eternity Band Size 7.5

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Manufacturing beautiful bridal jewelry for over 40 years, Benchmark utilizes the finest skilled craftsmen and state of the art technology to create beautiful wedding rings in gold, palladium, and platinum. Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A., each Benchmark ring is carefully crafted and undergoes a 6 step quality control process to ensure that your wedding ring will last for generations.

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Carizza features some of the most intricate pieces from our diamond bridal collection. Every piece is masterfully handcrafted and embodies a sense of artistic expression that is sure to excite even the most discerning clientele. Each Carizza design is available in a select choice of precious metals.

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Our custom designs are available in most all metals and gems including Lab Grown Diamonds to fit any budget


Evolution is a pursuit for perfection, to create timeless masterpieces. Diamonds are an epitome of this timelessness. They exude grace and glamour, luxury and luster. Evolv's fine jewelry signifies this high standard of excellence by incorporating high-quality lab grown diamonds. That is why we have given them their very own distinct signature -- the diamond dot. A hallmark of change. Encased in exquisite designs in 14K gold and set in D-F color/VS-SI clarity lab grown diamonds, our jewelry radiates contemporary elegance.

Laboratory Grown Diamonds are redefining the jewelry i...

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Our Forge line features contemporary metal wedding rings are created from some of the earth's most indestructible materials. From classic styles to innovative lasered designs, the Forge line of wedding rings offers a contemporary spin on a traditional symbol of love.

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I Do Collection

Featuring our signature "I Do Collection" in engagement rings and bridal sets as well as contemporary diamond and colored stone jewelry designs. This exciting collection includes a wide array of beautiful rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets that are sure to please.

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John Bagley

For over 30 years, John Bagley has been a true innovator in the competitive arena of designer jewelry. Whether it is in the soft colors of the Sapphire Iridescence collection, or the bold play of colors in the Black Magic collection, John Bagley has a look that appeals to everyone. John Bagley's jewelry is characterized by its creative vitality. Each piece is fresh, invigorating and contemporary in its styling. John's men's collection is equally dynamic and exciting.


Shah luxury is proud to offer you the most impressive line of luxury jewelry which features the perfect accessory for any occasion. Their collections present an exclusive choice of exquisite jewelry in diamond and precious gemstones, which will take your luxury imagination to the next level and beyond.

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Mason Kay

Mason-Kay's designer jade jewelry lines have received much acclaim and attention for their trendy, fashionable and colorful jewelry styles. Our award-winning jade jewelry designs from our exclusive designer have launched Mason-Kay to the top of the fine fashion jewelry market.

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Believing that each design should be made with the same thoughtfulness, precision, energy and devotion that you apply to the most important aspects of your life, they craft every piece with purely essential elements resulting in one seemingly effortless, but intelligent, design. Parade's admiration for one of nature's simple beauties, the leaf, epitomizes Parade's philosophy. Simple. Natural. Beautiful.


At Parlé, we design and handcraft original jewelry with amazing color gemstones. From Opals, rainbows formed in the earth 100 million years ago, to Sapphire with the colors of the sky and ocean worn by Royalty, to classic Ruby & Emerald. Parlé features only "Stones That Speak"! Let us color your world and find the perfect collection of colored gemstone jewelry that speaks to you.

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An elegant collection high-lighting current trends and popular bridal designs. Each breathtaking design is carefully completed with a center diamond, meticulously crafted with reduced gem weights, addressing the more price-conscious customer. With an uncompromising attention to detail and workmanship, each Promezza piece is given a promising value that emanates beyond price.

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Signature Bridal

Our Signature Bridal collection has some of our best designs as well as those from some of the countries most well known designers. Most all are available in any combination of gold, including rose, yellow and white. With all available in 14k and 18k as well as platinum.

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Since it's founding in 1970 Stuller has been creating a wide range of beautiful products including bridal jewelry, finished jewelry, mountings, diamonds, gemstones, findings and metals.

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Shatterproof, hypoallergenic and bio-compatible, Forge has utilized Tantalum to create the most wearable contemporary metal wedding bands on the market. Because it cuts so easily, Tantalum is also one of the safest metals to remove in an emergency. Characterized by a richly saturated blue-grey color, Benchmark's Tantalum wedding rings are as elegant and luxurious as their gold and platinum counterparts.

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